Automation of industrial plants with license plate recognition

Vehicles are loaded, unloaded, washed, etc., often in an industrial environment, vehicle washers, grain elevators, composting plants, asphalt mixing plants, tank filling and many more. Everywhere the vehicle has to be identified, if one wants to automate processes. Each truck carries or receives a specific load which must be reliably allocated. The number plate identification is the most flexible type of vehicle identification, since there are number plates already. They do not have to be handed over and later collected again. In addition, number plates are practically not broken, they do not fall off and everyone can check the readability of the numbers immediately with his own eyes.

With license plate recognition, it is possible to automate industrial plants either semi-automatically or completely. One speaks of manless installations, if to the enterprise no operator is necessary.

An exemplary system with number plate recognition is the manless gas filling of tank trucks.

When entering the system, the gate will automatically open as soon as a registered truck is reached. The tank truck moves to the scale, the entry weighing is started. With a valid weighing of the empty tank train, the weighing barrier opens. Within the system the truck is only delivered the gas which is approved for its vehicle. After filling, the tank truck moves to the exit scale. The two weighings can be compared with the vehicle license plate. At the end, the exit gate opens and the truck can leave the terrain without the help of operators.

The recognition of the license plate not only improves the speed of the handling, but also significantly increases the safety in the system. Other additional benefits are cost savings and the satisfaction of the truck drivers due to fast and reliable handling.

Our products for your plant

HinnNprServer is used to integrate a number plate identification in industrial plants. The system is suitable for simplifying and accelerating vehicle handling in virtually all industrial areas. The software is characterized by particularly good adaptability to specific requirements.

Castor ist ein autarkes Erkennungsgerät, etwa in der Größe einer Tabakdose. Castor analysiert das Bild einer Netzwerkkamera und erkennt automatisch das enthaltene Kfz-Kennzeichen. Abhängig von der Geräte-Konfiguration sendet es das Kennzeichen samt Zeitstempel und Trefferqualität per Messagefunktion an einen TCP-Server gesendet werden oder das Erkennungs-Ergebnis kann von einem Tcp-Client zyklisch abgefragt werden. Castor Castor is a self-sufficient recognition device, about the size of a tobacco can. Castor analyzes the image of a network camera and automatically recognizes the included license plate. Depending on the device configuration, it sends the tag, together with the time stamp and hit quality, via a message function to a TCP server or the recognition result can be queried cyclically by a Tcp client. Castor is particularly suitable where high operational reliability and interchangeability of the components are important.

If you have a gate or a gate to control, then our Pollux system is the first choice.

Please write to us, we will be glad to advise you regarding planning and implementation!!

Number plate recognition in a gravel and sand factory

Gravel is much needed in the Munich area, thanks to this sand and gravel plant there is enough in the north of Munich. Both scales have been equipped with our HinnNprServer number plate recognition system, which means that the handling of the delivery vehicles is now even more efficient.

The automatic number plate recognition ensures clear and reproducible inputs to the higher-level merchandise management system.

The special merchandise management software combines number plate data with the weighing data. The scale staff has easy play and can take care of the special customer wishes.


Castor use in recycling yard

In addition to the HinnNprServer PC software, we also offer the self-sufficient recognition module Castor for the identification of numbers in combination with network cameras.

This device is particularly suitable where interchangeability, modularity and operational reliability are important.

Castor does not require a separate computer performance to operate the license plate recognition software. In Castor, this software is integrated, combined with an indestructible operating system. The maintenance of the system is minimal.



The "A & O" for a good and reliable number plate recognition is a good planning in the selection and positioning of the cameras. Important parameters for the planning are the distances on-site with regard to balances and buildings, a map is helpful.

Frequently, an image from Google Earth (as here) helps us to assess the boundary conditions on-site. Based on these guidelines and a lot of experience we can recommend the best position for the camera and the suitable camera types.

We will take over for you the procurement of cameras, if you wish and install the camera on-site. We are, of course, dependent on your help, both during planning and implementation. You are the informant, only you are familiar with your system.

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