Electronic innovations from Hinn have existed since 1994. Initially founded as an engineering office in a small office in Buchholz (South Black Forest), the company soon became a reliable partner of the industry and craftsmanship for sophisticated electronic products predominantly in the Upper Rhine region, later Even beyond national borders.

Very private reasons were the reason why the company founder in the no less beautiful Hungary. Since April 2003, we have been working in a spacious and modern building in the outskirts of the county capital Tatabánya (Hungary), about 8 km south of the city center in the Vértes mountains spoiled by nature.

Our director Karlheinz Hinn enjoys a quiet but somewhat mountainous environment, as far as possible in the midst of birdsong. Close enough to the Hungarian capital, Budapest, and yet remote, we find here the optimal conditions for the development of state-of-the-art electronic products.

Since the very beginning, our core competencies have been the development and production of video-technical products for the storage, conversion and analysis of image signals. At the same time, we preferably rely on electronic components, which enable us to have a long-term availability and cost-saving realization.

Since 2005, we have been offering Pollux, a unique and self-sufficient car license plate recognition device for the control of gates and gates throughout Europe. Since April 2010 our special camera technology under the number DE 202009017623.1 has been protected by the German Patent Office. In the meantime, Pollux is available in the fourth generation in several stages. Castor, another family member has been available since 2016. This product is very similar to Pollux and is combined with IP cameras.

Important cornerstones of our success are, in addition to our efficient employees and the smart products, certainly the well-maintained and friendly relationship with our suppliers and customers. Long-term customers appreciate our availability and the competent and friendly service.

The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest incentive. Our products must meet not only today but also tomorrow's high quality requirements and should be available and repairable for many years. They are characterized by reliable function and easy use. They continue to develop as we evolve independently.

Independence and flexibility are a great asset for us. We have never been dependent on any subsidies or governmental funds either before or today, but we get our freedom and creativity that our customers enjoy.

The entire sales, engineering and engineering department has been located in Hungary since 1996. All employees are happy to help you with questions about us and our products.


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