Smart access control with Castor - license plate recognition

Castor: Autarkic identification of numbers in the network, the innovative solution

Castor number plate recognition 

License plate recognition module in the network for the automation of a vehicle handling system

With Castor, you automate plant parts particularly effectively. You do not need any computer performance, the recognition device takes the complete vehicle identification by means of license plate recognition.

In principle, it is relatively simple: You position a suitable IP camera so that it maps the number plates to be recognized well. Connect the IP camera to your corporate network, common CAT-5 (-6 / -7) wiring. In addition, you switch the recognition module Castor into the network and configure the device accordingly (IP address of the camera, camera type, etc.).

After the configuration of the device and the camera, Castor continuously analyzes the camera image automatically and calculates the number as an ASCII code. This recognition result can now be transferred via message function to the higher-level host system, or the host software cyclically queries the result by means of a TCP client query.

Castor as network client fully and continuously the image of the network camera on presence of a car license plate. The recognized plate is stored with date and time. In addition, a potential-free relay contact can be switched depending on the integrated release list. By scanning the image over the network, the installation effort is kept in a small frame. You simply switch Castor into the network, the settings of the camera and the recognition device have to be adapted to the situation on the spot.

Nummernschilderkennung an einer Fahrzeugwaage

Practical example: Vehicle balance

Automate truck handling on your vehicle balance with Castor, the network-capable standalone recognition module. The module is cyclically interrogated via the network by the superior delivery note capture software and provides the recognition result. Integration into the system software is easy. We provide comprehensive information and a practical simulator with which the software developer can at all times test his software on "heart and kidneys".

Castor also analyzes images of high-resolution cameras.

Castor is able to evaluate the image completely within a fraction of seconds.

 Camera in web console

Web console

Like Pollux, Castor also has a handy web console in six languages. Here the camera image can be viewed and various settings can be made. This makes it possible to create a password protection for the protocol and the white list.

In addition, the device has the possibility to enlarge a rectangular image area and to feed this part of the image with improved resolution to the number plate recognition algorithms. With this front-view magnifier, even small-sized indicators can be reliably detected in a picture with the complete truck front.

Castor scans the image of the network camera and searches as a region-of-interest the local area of the license plate. Marked marks, for example with oblique motor vehicles or with uneven loading, are tolerated up to +/- 30 °. The system also processes tags which have been recorded from a viewing angle of up to 30 °.

The observance of national standards is checked by the character spacing, character string and font. The result of the neuro-decoding is the ASCII character string of the flag with the semantic meaning of the characters (city / county, normal car, government car ...)

Technical specifications

Castor is designed for protective low voltage and can cope with a power consumption of only 5W. A suitable power supply is included in the scope of delivery. Castor is designed for in- and outdoor installation and has a robust aluminum housing with integrated mounting rails. The dimensions are 120 x 180 x 32 mm (W x L x H) without connectors. Weight approx. 0.6kg.

If you need more technical information and the manual for the device, please contact us. We are happy to advise you about camera selection and suitable camera positioning.


The device is included in the aluminum housing. On request, we can also supply the appropriate network camera for your application including the lens, weather protection housing and pole holder.


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