HinnNprServer - Software for number plate recognition

Automatically recognize and process license plates

HinnNprServer is a compact vehicle identification software for PCs with Windows operating system. Depending on the version, the software can be combined with up to six IP cameras. Once started, the software analyzes the individual camera players and reliably detects any license plate. The detection result can be queried and evaluated very easily via a TCP client-server connection in the network. Due to the modular structure of the overall system, the function of the individual components is easily verifiable. For test purposes, diagnostic functions and test tools are included.

HinnNprServer contains the routines for querying the camera image and the algorithms for decoding the number plate. The software also takes into account dynamic image changes such as the movement of the vehicle and the associated changes in detection. The client-server structure allows an extremely simple and flexible implementation of the license plate recognition. The software part (client) to be integrated by the user is easy to create and can be quickly integrated into any system software. A simulation program is available for the system integrator.

The overall system can thus be built modularly. The software modules, application software (for example, laser detection) and number plate identification can be independently tested and verified. Integration into the higher-level system is uncomplicated. All things relevant to the knowledge are integrated in the HinnNprServer.

SQL option: Optionally, a message function is available for HinnNprServer, which sends the recognized number plate with additional parameters to an existing MySQL database.

The throughput on many vehicle scales, for example, is so high that a work performed solely by employees is often no longer possible or very error-prone. Frequently, the vehicles are weighed several times on the same scale. Traffic jam form at the driveway, the number plates are badly visible from the Waagen employee. Truck drivers demand quick and easy handling. The spatial conditions on the scale are limited.

HinnNprServer is suitable for detecting European number plates. Compared to OCR runtime libraries, HinnNprServer is specially designed for number plates and also takes into account the special font types of many European markings, such as the German and Dutch number plates.

Due to the continuous processing of the cameras, interferences such as a short-term covered number plate p.e. by a passing person are not a problem. The recognition result is constantly improved and optimized during the journey of the vehicle, and difficult number plates can also be detected. This approach is far superior to image analysis with pure OCR detection.

The picture on the left shows a section of the screen display of the computer with running HinnNprServer software.

The live image display of the IP camera can be seen above.

Below you see the status window of the number plate identification. The recognition result is shown in the display large, additional results are the hit quality and the required processor time.

The status window also shows the interface protocol and the detection protocol.

An adjustment window with extensive setting options allows the software to be flexibly adapted to any requirement on the spot. The system has a configurable motion detection for performance enhancement. It can be limited to an adjustable rectangle in the camera image. This makes it possible to prevent a screen area with passenger traffic from affecting the identification of identifiers unnecessarily.

A special feature of HinnNprServer is the preliminary magnifier. An adjustable rectangular area of the image is enlarged and used as a basis for the recognition. This pre-magnifier is very powerful and extremely useful in many applications. This makes it possible to master difficult detection situations.

Adjustable deceleration and holding filters, driving direction correction and a switchable noise filter, etc. contribute to the fact that the number plate recognition can meet the specific requirements in order to achieve maximum automation success.

For implementation you need:

  • A suitable network camera Tip: Let the camera deliver from us!
  • A fast workstation with network connection (possibly uninterrupted Internet access)
  • A HinnNprServer software with usage license (USB dongle)
  • Possibly a lighting for reliable detection at night

For the positioning and alignment of the camera we recommend to contact us, we will be happy to advise you. A special planning aid Checklist camera (as Pdf) will be sent to you on request.

Benefit from our service, which includes help with planning, installation / commissioning and optimization of the license plate recognition. In addition, we offer a favorable upgrade service for future developments.

Note: We recommend white light instead of infrared light for a good and reliable detection of dirty and dented number plates. In particular, dirty number plates are not reliably recognizable in the IR light. This is due to the low reflective property of dirt in IR light. Dirt spots are clearly darker than in the white light used for human eyes, so the letters and numbers are reproduced mutilated, which has a great influence on the recognition quality. In practice this means that the scene around the detection zone at night should be lightly lit if possible with diffuse (white) light. Light from above which is reflected on the road surface is preferable to glare emitter light. Ultimately, lighting is also used for accident prevention.

Video clips to applications using HinnNprServer

Application in a composting plant Application in a gravel plant 

Demo software

HinnNprServer has a very comfortable USB dongle as license and copy protection. The configuration of the program is stored in the dongle. The dongle can be reconfigured at any time, whether as a single-camera version, multiple cameras, several country matrices or as a limited demo version.

 The demo version is the full version but with the following restrictions:
  • The number of program starts is limited
  • Expiration date, approx. 30 days after delivery

We ship the dongle for a protection fee of 100, -EUR (net) on request. When purchasing the software the protection fee is charged in the purchase price. In the other case you will get 50, -EUR if you return the dongle. If you decide to use the demo version for the purchase, then the dongle has to be reconfigured. To do so, you will receive an upgrade file via e-mail after receipt of the purchase price. This file will be transferred to the dongle with the provided PC program (dongle tool).

Test tools: simulator and client tool

HinnNprServer simulator works exactly like HinnNprServer, but as a simulation. For the software developer of the application software, an elegant way to thoroughly test the interface to the license plate recognition. It does not need any camera technology or a license plate, the approaching vehicle together with license plate recognition is simulated in a practical way. It is also taken into account that initially the flag may not be recognized correctly, because the vehicle is still too far away. The entire process can thus be tested practically in dry conditions.

The simulator is included in the scope of delivery and can be sent free of charge for test purposes.

HinnNprServer client tool is a small test client with which you can test the TCP client queries test-wise. It simulates, so to speak, the interface to the application software, which queries the results of the license plate recognition. This tool is also included in the scope of delivery and can be provided free of charge for test purposes.


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