HinnKey-Kit - Access control plug-and-play!

HinnKey opens barriers and gates fully automatically by license plate recognition! - Inexpensive and comfortable!

Schranke mit Nummernschilderkennung 

HinnKey is a very reasonably priced and comfortable solution for access control for small access roads, for example for the company entrance, VIP parking or at the gate at home!

The system can be easily installed on sliding gates, roller doors, swing gates and barriers. All components are extremely robust. No special settings are necessary, neither on the camera nor on the recognition device. The components can be easily mounted, connect the cables supplied, connect the integrated relay output directly to your gate or barrier electrics, and you're done! - It could not be easier! 

Registered vehicles are reliably detected by the license plate. If the system has identified the license plate, the barrier opens. HinnKey logs the access times of the vehicles.

HinnKey works reliably and completely self-sufficiently, without PC, in the summer as in the winter, by day and by night. You do not need a power-consuming evaluation computer and complex camera technology. Control your access by number plate recognition, with HinnKey and the practical barrier bar camera!

Advantages of HinnKey license plate recognition:

  • Highest comfort without starting at control columns
  • Auto window can be still closed
  • No cards or remote controls
  • 100% control over the driveway
  • Quick opening of the barrier / gate
  • Time limit of releases
  • License plates can be checked in and out at any time
  • No broken barriers because of unsuitable technology
  • Barrier camera for best recognition
  • Flexible access control with protocol function
  • High reliability
  • Easy installation

To connect to your computer (or smartphone), the device has a network connection, here also a WLAN module can be used. Up to 50 license plates can be registered in the integrated approval list. If you need more release entries, then Pollux is the better alternative. HinnKey has a modern web console. In this way, a connection to the HinnKey can be set up simply via a web browser and the approval list can be adapted or the recognition protocol can be viewed.

Application at barriers

The installation of the system is very simple, since all components can be installed directly in the barrier. A cumbersome camera mounting on house wall or mast with complex wiring is eliminated. In addition, the view of the barrier camera on the license plate is optimal and always guaranteed without obstruction.

HinnKey is mounted directly in the barrier housing. The device has everything necessary for the license plate recognition and the control of the barrier is necessary.

Best view because camera is mounted on barrier beam

Screw the robust camera WASAT with the mounting plate directly to the barrier beam, see above picture. The supplied connection cable lay in the barrier beam and connect it to the HinnKey recognition device in the barrier housing. The network connection can be realized with a specially laid CAT cable or via WLAN (also in the barrier housing). Now connect the two-wire connection to the barrier electrics for opening. Finished!

We are happy to advise you if you have any questions!

Application at gates

The installation is also quite simple here, as all components can be installed directly on the door. The composition of the individual components depends on the design and the type of door.

Control gates with number plate recognition

Srew the robust camera WASAT directly to the door leaf at a suitable point (approximately at the height of the license plate in the center of the carriageway). If required, a mounting plate (made of aluminum 3mm thick) is available as an option. Here, too, eliminates the cumbersome camera assembly on the house wall or mast, including elaborate wiring. The view of the special camera on the license plate is optimal. With obstacles that obscure the view of the license plate is not expected. These are the best conditions for reliable detection.

The supplied connection cable is laid in a protected manner at the gate and connected to the HinnKey recognition device next to or at the gate (fixed part). For sliding gates, we recommend a special reversing line system. For roller shutters, we supply a suitable spiral cable on demand and in consultation, ready-made with suitable connectors. You can realize the network connection with a specially laid CAT cable or via WLAN. Now connect the two-wire connection to the gate electrics for opening. Finished!

We are happy to advise you if you have any questions!


HinnKey is the inexpensive and stripped-down alternative to Pollux. The integrated license plate recognition is identical, so recognition speed and performance of the device are equal without compromise. The table below shows the differences to Pollux.

HinnKey is characterized by the following functions:

  • Fast reliable recognition
  • Self-sufficient function, no computer or software required
  • Free drive period function
  • Multilingual Web console with password-protected license plate entry and log query
  • Bell function for waiting vehicles
  • Button input for manual opening
  • Automatic license plate illumination and lamp switch contacts
  • Automatic adaptation to the respective lighting conditions
  • Low energy consumption (<10W)

.. and much more!

The dimensions of the device are: 224 x 150 x 55 mm³ (without connecting cables). HinnKey has a sturdy die-cast aluminum housing (IP65) with four mounting holes.

Internally, the device has an RJ45 connection for the company network and a practical plug-in terminal for connecting the barrier / gate control.

In the non-volatile memory of the device, the release list (white list) is stored, it decides whether someone at the given time may extend / extend. The device automatically recognizes the number plate and briefly activates the integrated relay for the opening impulse. Triggering by means of loops or light barriers is not required, the recognition runs continuously and reacts with lightning speed. A constantly running computer is not necessary.

HinnKey has potential-free relay outputs for controlling the barrier or gate. If required, a bell can be controlled or lamps or a red-green traffic light.

HinnKey is designed for extra-low voltage and can cope with a power consumption of about 7W (depending on connected camera). A suitable power supply is included.

If you need more technical information and the manual for the device, then contact us. We are also happy to advise you regarding camera selection and suitable camera positioning.

Differences between Pollux and HinnKey

Feature HinnKey  Pollux 
Housing / protection class Die-cast aluminum / IP65 Aluminium tube 19" / IP40
Supply / Power consumption 12 - 24VDC / 7W 12 - 24VDC / 8W
Max. Number of registerable license plates in the release list 50 200 / 800 / 4000
Max. Number of camera channel 1 2
Webconsole (via Browser) yes yes
Protokoll yes (switchable) yes (switchable)
http-Interface no yes
Video output no yes
USB no yes (inactive)
RS232 no yes
LEDs no yes
Open button no yes
practical plug-in terminal internal yes

Delivery contents

WASAT mit Verbindungskabel (hier Ausführung: Alu-natur) 

The HinnKey-Kit includes the HinnKey recognition device in a sturdy aluminum housing, the PolluxWin operator PC software, the WASAT special camera, a connection cable, the plug-in power supply and mounting hardware.

On demand, we also supply a compact WLAN module with practical magnetic attachment.

Contact us, we will gladly advise you on your specific application.



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