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With us all customers receive free support, by phone, email or website. You will find detailed information about the products on the product pages. Manuals and documentation can also be downloaded from this website.

In some cases even the best documentation is not sufficient. In order to continue, you need a competent contact person, which can be asked unbureaucratically. You do not have to worry about a telephone call. Simply call the following numbers.

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Our service range around our products


A good planning is the prerequisite for a high hit quality of the number plate identification. With the optimum choice of the camera position and the selection of the correct camera type, the quality of the resulting license plate recognition is and remains. The goal is not to recognize a few number plates, but always recognize each number plate. Even in poor light conditions, if the number plate is dirty and the vehicle is not optimally to the camera.

We simulate the number plate identification in advance by means of pictures taken from the planned camera position. So you can be sure that the desired result will be achieved later.

Contact us! We help you, because a good license plate recognition can be planned.


We will install the license plate recognition for you and take the system into operation for you. After a comprehensive briefing you will be provided with a reliable license plate recognition.

However, the installation can also be performed by your specialist personnel. In this case, we support you with cable laying plans and also with remote maintenance during commissioning.

In the case of an access control by the identification of numbers by the use of our barrier camera, the installation is very simple since the camera is delivered pre-adjusted by us. The operation of our self-sufficient detectors Pollux and Castor is largely self-explanatory. Detailed manuals and documentation are available.


Each application differs from all others. The algorithms for vehicle license plate recognition can therefore be parameterized in various ways. This allows us to adapt the system to the specific requirements of each application. Also the camera used is often equipped with a lot of parameters, which must be adjusted optimally. During commissioning, a more or less well adapted first system parameterization is performed in sequence. Afterwards, the system runs frequently for several days in the test run while automatically storing test images. These images can later be analyzed offline in our simulation, in which the system settings can be successively optimized. In the end the found fine adjustments are taken over into the system.

HinnNprServer is characterized by a special adaptability. The possibilities of this license plate recognition software are enormous, hardly an application which could not be realized with it.

Pollux und Castoron the other hand, are self-sufficient devices with an enormous robustness, suitable for standard applications where operational reliability is of particular importance and the interchangeability of the components is required.


Prove our passion to constantly check and improve. Even after decades of intensive development work, there are always new approaches and possibilities for improvement. We do not let go and are always looking for further developments.

You can benefit from this by going for a little money in our upgrade service. For a period of 12 months, you have free access to the latest software upgrades, country matrices, etc. With an upgrade service, you can login to our website at any time and download the files as required and install them in your system.
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