License plate recognition for your campsite

The number plate recognition allows the free entrance and exit of registered vehicles without complications, such as operating pillars, etc. Only with this technology is it possible, without the handing over of keys or cards, the access authorization. When your guests arrive the barrier already know and opens. More comfort and flexibility does not exist.

The advantages vs key-systems are obvious:

  • No transfer of tickets or cards
  • No driving to any operating pillar
  • Quick opening of the barrier for registered vehicles
  • Easy entry and removal of the numbers
  • Permanent campers are registered with their vehicles
  • Day visitors are quickly and easily entered
  • Two rest periods
  • Adjustable waiting times on arrival and departure
  • Practical recipe software PolluxGate
  • Interface to popular campsite management programs
  • Relief of employees

 .. because number plates are existing!

Innovative access control with smart technology

Our number plate recognition system opens gates and barriers safely and effectively, day and night! Our technology has special sophisticated functions that ensure reliable detection. These properties are protected by the German Patent Office under the protection of utility models (DE202009017623.1).

Our camera is attached directly to the barrier bar and therefore provides the best pictures from the number plate. Due to the use of white light, instead of infrared light, soiled number plates are reliably detected. The image of the plate is very insensitive to interferences, such as snow or rain, due to the small distance. The camera transmits the image to the recognition device installed in the barrier housing Pollux.

Barrier bar camera

  • Large contrasting image of the license plate
  • No object can block the view of the number plate
  • Special LED lamps to illuminate the number plate at night
  • Small, light, robust and waterproof!

Pollux analyzes the image at a rapid rate and recognizes the included plate within a fraction of a second and opens the barrier via a potential-free contact. So you do not need a license plate recognition software or a separately installed computer, everything is done by Pollux automatically. The release list is stored in the non-volatile memory of the recognition device.

The device is operated via a network connection (also WLAN is possible). There are several options for entering the tags, either via PC operating software, via a web console (web browser, therefore also via a smartphone) or via the interface to common campsite management programs. If your program does not have a Pollux interface, we offer comprehensive support and documentation for your software vendor. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Pollux has a number of useful additional features, such as ringer function, manual opening, logging, video output, etc. Read more on our Pollux site.

Realization with our Pollux all-in packages

Due to the smart technique, the installation at one or more gates is simple. For gates, our newly developed camera is suitable in the robust aluminum cast housing. We supply you the complete package with detection device Pollux, camera(s), connection cable, fastening material and screws. Please write to us, we will be glad to send you further information.

Videos from the practical application

Barrier opens with Pollux Barrier opens at night Pollux opens barrier for tractor
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