Receiver country Delivery service Price in EUR (net) time
1.  Germany, Austria UPS  flat 40,- (per package < 5kg)  2 days
2.  Hungary UPS   free (per package < 5kg)  1 days
3.  Belgium, Finland, France, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic UPS  flat 56,- (per package < 5kg)  2-3 days
4.  All other countries (Switzerland, ..) UPS  flat 68,- (per package < 5kg)  4-5 days


  • The above prices are additional shipping charges, net.
  • Packaging is included in the product price
  • Our delivery time is two weeks, usually it is indicated on the order confirmation. Ask if the information is missing or contradictory!


  • Express delivery is only possible for standard products and when the goods are in stock.
  • We deliver by express only on express customer request.
  • In this case a surcharge of 20, - EUR (net) per package will be charged.

Important Informationen

to 1. and 3.:

When delivered to countries as stated under item 1 and item 3, you will receive an invoice from us about the net amount which you pay in advance. The delivery will be delivered immediately after receipt of payment. This does not apply, of course, if a different method of settlement has been agreed with you.

to 4.:

When delivered to non-EU countries, as indicated in part 4 above, you will receive an invoice from us about the net amount, which you pay either in advance. With the delivery you receive an invoice from the above courier service via the import sales tax.

This import turnover tax will be added to VAT. And is tax deductible for companies in most countries.

Upon receipt of the parcel, no additional cash must be reimbursed to the messenger, except possibly this import turnover tax.

Delivery inside EU:

When shipping to companies within the EU, the EU VAT identification number (EU-ID) can be invoiced by net invoice. For this purpose, we need your EU-ID, which is to be indicated with the order.



The sent packages can easily be tracked by you free of charge at every step. Just ask us by e-mail the track number and click on the website (logo above) of the courier service. On the appearing website, enter the number and you will be surprised how fast your package is on the road.



Should you wish to return a device for any reason, please contact us beforehand. In the case of defects mentioned in good time, we are ready to exchange or withdraw the device. For special products we ask for the possibility of reworking.

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