The following general business, delivery and payment shall apply to all business with the hungarian Hinn Kft. They are also for all future business, even if they do not be expressly agreed. Conflicting Business conditions will not now. Divergent Conditions develop only valid if specifically agreed be. For the business relations our conditions. Other conditions are not Contract, even if we do not object to them explicitly. Different conditions develop only valid if they are particularly be agreed. 
2. Offers 
Our offers are subject to change. They are made under the Subject to self-supply. The part of the offer documents as Illustrations, drawings, descriptions, dimensions, weight, performance and Consumption data are only approximate, unless they expressly designated as binding. Changes in the Deliveries under the contract, we expressly reserve the right, provided that such changes are not fundamental and the contractual status is not restricted unreasonable. This is particularly true for changes and improvements to the technical progress. Development jobs solely on the basis of specifications (technical description) performed in the order confirmation. For orders to foreign Patterns, we assume that the other party the right of use has secured. Otherwise, he shows us of any Liability claims are already free. Necessary official Permits must obtain the other party. 
3. Confidentiality agreement and Inventor's Rights 
The Contracting Parties undertake to each other by the Party transmitted or otherwise made available information, data, documents, models, samples, etc. (subject to confidentiality Information) is strictly confidential and without prior written Consent of the disclosing party not to disclose to third parties or that to the public. In all offers, cost estimates, drawings, calculations and other documents we retain all Rights, particularly copyright and property rights, above. You may not our be copied, reproduced, or Competitors will be made available. This is particularly for all developments, documentation, software or other Development documents, which neither the original nor in the form of complete or partial copies made available to third parties be allowed. It requires an explicit written Our permission. Irrespective of the time and reason for termination a contract is required of the parties, the original product and all copies and partial copies of the software and the documentation and in other return printed form of documents submitted to us. Software on machine-readable record of the Contractor, its employees or others are available, shall be deleted immediately and completely. The Contractor shall, at our request in writing to To acknowledge that he kept no copies or partial copies or has passed and delete software stored completely has been. For development projects we undertake, documents such as Illustrations, drawings, descriptions, etc., and communicated knowledge and Experience of the contractor to be kept confidential and in particular Third not to publish without the consent of the contractor. For the supply of standard software are also to the Disk attached and / or contained in this license or other conditions of the manufacturer. All through the Orders and newly acquired knowledge of the contractor are protected by copyright. 
4. Custom developments 
Even if the development order with one-time payment Development costs has been agreed, the contractor acquires no rights in the development. He is entitled to under the agreed requirements specification a custom-made prototypes and the product must in any No. of items sell. We reserve the reproduction, development and modification of the product before. Third, the resulting product may a surcharge will be offered and sold. The overcharge was in usually already available to the party announced. 
5. Remuneration 
The offer prices are net prices excluding VAT. They are determined in good faith and, unless otherwise expressly specified is an approximation values. The offer prices are ex Tatabánya stock plus the shipping costs (freight, Insurance, etc.). Valid on the due date (the date of transfer the product, date of loss) applicable VAT rate. Increase the completion of the contract underlying costs by more than 20%, then we can also at a fixed price agreement, a reasonable Price adjustment request. This is especially true when the performance of Reasons for which the contractor has been delayed. If the price adjustment is granted, both sides are entitled to all or part of the contract. The achievements are to pay. 
6. Payments 
Payable within 5 days after invoicing done with 2% discount or within 14 days of receipt. Agreed Partial payments or installment payments are also in the absence of accounting due according to the assignment on time. Interest shall be 3% above the current Discount rate of the ECB calculated per year, but at least 9% per year. For the second and any further reminder, we are entitled to a flat rate of EUR 5.00 charge for each reminder as a reminder. Payments are initially incurred and then to the oldest debt counted. The timeliness of the service, the payment decisive for us. The contractor is only to set off undisputed or legally established counterclaims justified. Of retention except in the case of undisputed or legally established already Counter-claims is excluded. 
7. Delivery and delivery time 
In all cases by ex Tatabánya, Hungary Delivery service delivered. Read more about this in the section "Delivery" of our website. 
Delivery dates are, unless otherwise agreed, approximate dates and begin the day of conclusion. By the requires contractors to change the requirements specification or the Order for reasons for which the contractor has delayed the delivery period is extended appropriately, in the latter case, at least for the duration of the delay. The resulting associated additional costs are reimbursed. At higher Violence, other unforeseeable, extraordinary and involuntary circumstances such as for example Failure of production and Machinery, strikes and lockouts, shortages of labor, materials, Energy, transportation, etc. for government intervention, even if they happen upstream extended if we the timely fulfillment of our obligations by this Circumstances have prevented the delivery period for a reasonable time. Provide we are not after the appropriate time delay of delivery period, the buyer to set an appropriate grace period and after unsuccessful Expiry of the grace period from the contract. Is referred The delivery or performance impossible or unreasonable, we are released from the obligation to deliver. Can we agreed not meet performance or delivery period for other reasons, it has the contractor in writing to give notice and the nature and to provide the level of performance corresponding period. Be Items delivered, be sent from workshop / warehouse on Risk and expense of the contractor. If goods because of us agreement to pick the contractor, shall bear the risk of Contractors. This is optional, the risk to insure. In Transport damage, the contractor without delay a arrange for fact finding by the supplier / carrier. We are Partial services if they are reasonable for the contractor. If the shipment for reasons for which the contractor has delayed, so is entitled, within two weeks show the Readiness to dispatch, the storage costs incurred in Storage in our plant at least 0.5% of the invoice amount per month to contract, provided the contract does not prove minor damage. The replacement of further damages. 
8. Cancellation of the contract 
Except in the o.g. Cases of delay and lack of self-supply, we reserve the right to cancel the contract in following cases: Violation of due diligence on the reservation of title goods delivered, incorrect information Creditworthiness of the person or contractor, as they referred to belong to assess significant facts; target Bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings against the contractor or general partners, check or bill protests. Cancel the contractor's order or if he made the assumption Reasons for which he is responsible, are we, if we are not on Fulfillment are entitled to, rather than damages for Non-compliance without further proof cancellation fee equal to 10% to require the contract value. In addition to the cancellation charges specifically for the contracting work and have already prepared Items paid for. After full payment of all Liabilities, these made available on request be. 
9. Retention of title 
We reserve the right to full payment of our all bills against the contractor ownership of the items delivered before. Mortgage, security or suitability Sale at Vorabtretungen are not allowed. The Party without our consent is not entitled to the goods already sell to third parties prior to full payment. The sale of right may be revoked at any time. In Processing, and combination of goods by the Contractors with other goods, our joint ownership of the new item in relation to the invoice value of our goods to the invoice value of the other goods. If ownership of law (processing, joining, mixing, disposal, etc.) of, joins the Contractor assigns his future claims from the underlying transaction against the property purchasers in the amount all our outstanding debts to us. For any About security amount in excess of 25% occurs exemption. On Request, the contractor for the reserved property insurance against fire, theft and water to complete and cost to take this. The rights under this insurance to us already been assigned, we accept the assignment. 
10. Warranty 
Complaints for obvious defects must immediately or at least within 14 days of receipt be notified in writing. Hidden defects are immediately after detection or notification, at the latest within the Warranty period to complain. We give all our Products 3-year warranty.
Basically, we must the opportunity to examine on the spot are given. On Desire is to return the goods. For legitimate Complaints are free remedy within a reasonable time. In case of failure of the product documentation or The substitution may be a price reduction or Cancellation of the contract are required.
Within Warranty period, free of charge warranty repair services from us accepted. This requires ggbfl. at least one halbjähriche maintenance by our proposed contractor. The Warranty does not apply to lack of maintenance, Inspection, upon unauthorized maintenance, repair, spare parts, improper operation and damage Foreign influence. 
11. Liability 
Contractual claims for damages based on a violation non-essential contractual obligations are based, and damage claims are in default or tort of intentional or gross negligence of us, our legal representatives and senior executives is limited. In the event of breach of fundamental contractual obligations we are liable only compensation for typical in transactions of the kind foreseeable harm. Unless significant contractual obligations have been violated , we are liable for simple agents not. Arising for the parties because of one of us to the Paragraphs 1 and 2 is liable to delay or loss, he is under Exclusion of further claims entitled to Claim compensation for default. It amounts for each full Week of delay, 0.5%, a maximum of 5% of the value of delivered late part of the goods, the result of the delay be used in time or not according to contract can. 
Subrogation claims for consequential damages caused by software error are excluded. 
However, where the product supplied to a reference plant, is omitted, all claims for compensation with the cause of Novelty of the product is associated. A reference system (or These pilot project) in this sense it is, if the project some Model significance and in this context, a reasonable discount was agreed. 
12. Performance and Jurisdiction 
Of performance and jurisdiction is Tatabánya, Hungary. 
13. Other agreements 
Should any conditions be completely or partially ineffective or, the validity of the remaining provisions will result not be affected. The contractor agrees that we received from the business relationship data in terms of Data Protection Act for its own business purposes can. 


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