Schranken-/Torsteuerung per Pollux-Nummernschilderkennung

If you have a gate or a barrier to control, then our Pollux detection device is the first choice. For small gate and barrier systems, we offer a slimmed-down version, read more at HinnKey.

Castor Erkennungsgerät für Kfz-Kennzeichenerkennung

Castor is a self-sufficient recognition device, about the size of a tobacco can. Castor analyzes the image of a network camera and automatically recognizes the included license plate.

HinnNprServer PC-Programm zur Nummernschilderkennung in Industrieanlagen

HinnNprServer is used to integrate a number plate identification in industrial plants. The system is suitable for simplifying and accelerating vehicle handling in virtually all industrial areas. The software is characterized by particularly good adaptability to specific requirements.

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