Automate your vehicle weighing with license plate recognition

Originally designed to increase security, number plate recognition has become an indispensable tool for automation in many applications. This purpose is often very much in the foreground. Thus the processing of heavily used vehicle scales is enormously accelerated with the equipment of a license plate recognition. Errors when entering the numbers into the delivery note program are avoided since the automatic recognition always transfer the number string in the same manner. The confusion of blanks and dashes is a thing of the past.

With more than 50 car scales in five countries, we have grown to become a heavyweight in the area of automated number plate recognition for industrial plants. Gravel works, recycling plants, stone and earth mining companies profit from our technology and our experience.

With number plate recognition, our customers save a lot of time in the handling of each individual vehicle. Instead of several minutes of stay on the scale, the truck stands just seconds. The scale staff has the head for the interests of the customer or driver. The reading of the license plate should ultimately not deter your employee from the important things like correct charge, correct handling, order in the yard, etc.

Last but not least, the customer and driver are also looking forward to a speedy and error-free processing.

Our solution for recycling, raw materials, gravel and sand companies

HinnNprServer is used to integrate a number plate recognition into industrial systems such as vehicle scales, etc. The solution is suitable for simplifying and accelerating vehicle handling in gravel and stone works, composting plants, recycling stations, etc. The software is characterized by particularly good adaptability specific requirements.

Example: An existing vehicle weighing system is to be extended by a number plate identification. The recognized license plates are to be stored in the weighing database. It is important that system integration is fast and straightforward. The programmer does not want to deal with specific problems. Find more information on our HinnNprServer page!

Please write to us, we will be glad to advise you regarding planning and implementation!

Number plate recognition in a gravel and sand factory

Gravel is much needed in the Munich area, thanks to this sand and gravel plant there is enough in the north of Munich. Both scales have been equipped with our HinnNprServer number plate recognition system, which means that the handling of the delivery vehicles is now even more efficient.

The automatic number plate recognition ensures clear and reproducible inputs to the higher-level merchandise management system.

The special merchandise management software combines number plate data with the weighing data. The scale staff has easy play and can take care of the special customer wishes.


Castor use in recycling yard

In addition to the HinnNprServer PC software, we also offer the self-sufficient recognition module Castor for the identification of numbers in combination with network cameras.

This device is particularly suitable where interchangeability, modularity and operational reliability are important.

Castor does not require a separate computer performance to operate the license plate recognition software. In Castor, this software is integrated, combined with an indestructible operating system. The maintenance of the system is minimal.



The "A & O" for a good and reliable number plate recognition is a good planning in the selection and positioning of the cameras. Important parameters for the planning are the distances on-site with regard to balances and buildings, a map is helpful.

Frequently, an image from Google Earth (as here) helps us to assess the boundary conditions on-site. Based on these guidelines and a lot of experience we can recommend the best position for the camera and the suitable camera types.

We will take over for you the procurement of cameras, if you wish and install the camera on-site. We are, of course, dependent on your help, both during planning and implementation. You are the informant, only you are familiar with your system.

Videoclip to an application in a composting system

Our all-round service includes:
  • Test measurement with a live system on-site
  • Demonstration of our number plate recognition
  • Consulting and assessment of the on-site conditions
  • Planning of camera position and camera type
  • Test using simulated camera images or photos
  • Obtaining the Camera(s)
  • Advice on cable laying work
  • Installation of the cameras
  • Installation and commissioning of the license plate recognition
  • Optimization of software settings
  • Online remote maintenance
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