Smart access control with Pollux - license plate recognition

Pollux opens barriers and gates fully automatically by means of license plate recognition


Modern access control works with vehicle identification, because there are number plates already!

Company and employee vehicles or vehicles from registered customers and suppliers are reliably detected by the number plate. If the system identifies the license plate, the barrier opens. Pollux records the entry and exit times of the vehicles.

Pollux works reliably and completely self-sufficient, without a PC, both in summer and in winter, by day and by night. You do not need a power-eating evaluation computer and expensive camera technology. Control your access by means of the number plate identification, with Pollux and the practical barrier camera!

Entrance / exit to a campsite

Pollux is suitable for the following fields of application for barriers and gates:

  1. Single barrier for entrance or exit, the components are: a barrier, a camera, a Pollux recognition device
  2. Single barrier for entrance and exit, the components are: a barrier, two cameras, a-Pollux detection device
  3. Two barriers for adjacent entry and exit, the components are: two barriers, two cameras, a Pollux detection device

For all three applications, we supply Pollux complete packages, including cameras, detectors, connecting cables and mounting materials. Contact us, we will gladly advise you on your specific application.


Two Pollux 

Pollux is characterized by the following functions:

  • Fast reliable detection
  • Self-sufficient function, there is no need for any workstation or software
  • Two independent rest intervals
  • Free-drive period
  • Parking space limitation
  • Short-term parking function
  • Multilingual web console with password-protected number input and protocol retrieval
  • Ringing on waiting vehicles
  • Button input for manual opening
  • Automatic number plate illumination and lamp switching contacts
  • Automatic adaptation to the respective light conditions
  • Low power consumption (<10W)

.. and some more!

 Pollux mounted in the barrier housing  

The installation of the system is quite simple since all components are installed directly into the barrier. The connection cables between the camera and Pollux are included in the Pollux complete package. Contact us, we will be glad to advise you.

Pollux is the central unit, it has everything necessary for the license plate recognition and the control of the barrier or the gate.

The dimensions of the device are: 196 x 110 x 32 mm³ (without connecting cables). It is usually installed in the barrier housing. The device has two sockets for plugging in a connecting cable to a camera.

In addition, the device has an RJ45 connector for the company network and a convenient plug-in connector for connecting the gate / gate control.

In the non-volatile memory of the device, the white list is stored, it decides whether someone is allowed to enter / exit at the given time. The device automatically recognizes the tag and briefly pulls the integrated relay for the opening pulse. A triggering by grinding or light barriers is not necessary, the detection runs continuously and reacts quickly. A constantly running computer is not necessary.

Pollux has potential-free relay outputs for controlling the barrier or gate (max. Two gates / gates). On request, a house bell can be controlled or lamps or a red-green traffic light. Furthermore, the device can be combined with a coin-operated machine or a parking automat.

On request, we supply a mounting plate for fastening in the barrier housing to the lateral groove (see picture). With this mounting plate, the device can be easily attached to the inside of the housing by means of two M6 screws. The dissipation of the heat to the housing is optimal.

 White-list editor  

The PC software PolluxWin is included in the delivery. The device can be configured using this software. In addition, the tags can be entered here and the recognition protocol can be queried.

It is also possible to enter numbers in the so-called Web console of the device without PC software. In this case, only a network connection to the Pollux is required and a common Internet browser. The web console also allows to retrieve the recognition protocol and view quasi-live images of the camera(s).

White-list: All number plates which are to be opened fully automatically can be entered comfortably at the workstation computer (PC). Extensive functions of a professional access control are available, such as unlimited, time-dependent, weekly or date-dependent releases, individually adjustable. Depending on the version, the release list for max. 200, 800 or 2000 number plates. Also, rest periods are available or simply allow all vehicles to come free-ride for an adjustable period of time. Only on Mondays from 8:00 to 12:00.

 Web console with camera pictures  

Web console with display of the camera. In the screenshot on the left are the pictures of two cameras to be seen, once the drive-in camera and once the exit camera.

Of course it is possible to open the web console at several computers at the same time.

Since the web console can also be called by smartphone, both the camera pictures can show and the license plate can be entered. There is also a possibility for manual opening of the barrier or gate.


Flexible adjustments

Extensive settings allow the device to be adapted to each customer's requirements, some of which are listed below:

Free-travel function: It is possible to set the device in such a way that each vehicle with license plate is opened automatically, but this corresponds to an induction loops function with logging of the recognition event (license plate, direction of travel, timestamp).

Anti-Passback: Who is already in, can not come in, who is out there is not coming out!

Parking space limitation: A number of plates can be assigned for individual locations, in order to avoid several vehicles entering this location at the same time, a limit can be entered here. In this case, Pollux will not open until another one of the square has left.

Pollux also supports data protection provisions (red framed on the left), which are often used at factory entrances. It is therefore possible that the recognition protocol is automatically deleted at night at night. In this way, the log data are available for short inquiries, but it is effectively avoided that multi-day data accumulates and thus motion profiles can be created.

House bell

For the case of falls

The house bell function, if an unexpected visitor comes and is waiting in front of the barrier. Pollux has a potential-free contact which is then short-circuited when a vehicle is waiting in front of the barrier / gate. That is, The house bell sounds automatically when an unregistered car wants to retract and the barrier (or the gate) does not open automatically. Wait time and pulse duration can be set using PolluxWin PC software. The housebell function can also be used without software in the Windows computer.

In addition, the gate or the gate can be opened manually, either via the button input or via the web console or via a PC program PolluxWin.


Everything in sight, everything under control!

In many cases, a very popular feature is the video output to Pollux. If you connect a TV monitor (BNC) here, you can, for example, look at the live image of the cameras in the gatehouse or in the reception, without having to start the PC and without any program.

So you have the traffic at the barrier or at the gate constantly in view. The display can be configured differently, with only one camera image, both cameras on top of each other or at a time change. In addition, it is possible to display the recognition protocol in the picture, in this way the last entries / exits are clearly listed and at any time in view.

Pollux with a view to network socket

Software upgrades

All Pollux models are constantly developed by us. For the most part, the extensions implemented here are components of the Pollux operating system and available as firmware upgrades for our customers on our website.

Pollux is available in different installation stages. The size of the white list (number of registrable plates: max.200 / 800/4000) and the number of controlled driving directions (one or two cameras) varies. In addition, a variable number of country matrices can be installed in the device.

Please contact us for further detailed information about Pollux. We are happy to advise you on your application.

Recommended camera position

Car in front of barrier

Who has the best view of the number plate:

  1. The camera at the barrier case?
  2. The camera in a separate column?
  3. The camera mounted under the barrier bar?

zu 1.: The camera on the housing has an extremely bad view angle on the number plate. In the case of oblique vehicles and / or kinked number plates, it will be impossible to recognize the license plate completely. The protruding font on most of the number plates makes the recognition more difficult.

zu 2.: In the column camera further behind the barrier, the viewing angle is significantly better, but this is bought at a larger distance. The greater distance is particularly problematic at night. To illuminate the indicator at night and switched on headlights, IR light must be used, since white light would blind the driver.

zu 3.: It is obvious that the position directly at the barrier enables the best detection, day and night!

Recommendation for barriers: Mount the camera on the beam!

If one or more barriers are to be equipped with a number plate recognition, we recommend in any case to prefer our beam bar assembly to mast cameras mounted in columns or wall.

 Round bar

Why is a remote wall / mast / column camera for the identification of the number plate less suitable than the barrier bar camera:

  • Because of the above sketched problems with regard to perspective distortion when the camera sees the mark from the side
  • As the distance increases, the disturbances also increase due to the intervening air layer, with all the accompanying phenomena such as rain, snowfall, fog, obliquely incident lamp light, etc.
  • With a good camera, this can be compensated for detection by day, but not by night!
  • At night and with switched on headlights every distance meter brings more and more difficulties
  • In order to "fight" against the switched-on headlights, an infrared radiator is usually used because it does not blind the driver at a great distance from the vehicle in contrast to visible light
  • Although infrared light provides a bright night image, soiled marks are not imaged in the infrared light in a sufficiently contrasting manner
  • In order to prevent people from being able to place themselves in the camera, the camera must be installed at a high height, which worsens the recognition, wg. Obliquely depicted letters and, if applicable, protruding vehicle parts
  • The cabling effort of a remote camera is significantly greater
  • Two cameras, one each per direction of travel, means double installation effort
Camera scans license plate

All these problems are not present in our bar mounting! The camera is only a few meters in front of the license plate and thus receives a large image of the license plate. Even with a heavily soiled number plate, recognition is still possible.

Furthermore, in the case of the bar beam mounting, it is impossible for an object or a person to block the view of the sign.

Even if the wind sets the beam bar and thus the camera in vibration thereby no blurred pictures. The bar wobbles sometimes only back and forth, this is not a problem for the camera. The exposure time in the camera is so short in a few milliseconds that such slow vibrations practically do not affect the picture quality and the image of the mark. Strong beam movements tend to break the beam rather than the number plate identification suffers.

There are applications where, for purely mechanical reasons, it is hardly possible to mount the camera to the beam beam. For example, it is rather difficult in the case of buckling barriers (to be found in car parks). In these cases, the video signal from a mast / wall camera is sent to Pollux.

Our innovation is protected by the German Patent Office (DE202009017623.1) and is not subject to our approval.

 Wing gate  

Application at gates

We also recommend to integrate the camera into the door leaf. Further installation at a gate depends on the type and type of the gate. We recommend a special turning cable system for sliding doors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Note: Visible light (white light) is more suitable for detecting number plates as infrared light. In particular, older number plates without a highly reflective background and dirty number plates (which is the rule) are clearly at a disadvantage with infrared light.

Parking billing in the Pollux system

PolluxKassa PC-Software 

The simplest way to settle a parking space with Pollux is with the assistance software PolluxKassa. In the case of a parking space, all vehicles (with license plate) are opened at the entrance, that is, Pollux is configured in such a way that the entrance gate opens to all vehicles and stores the license plate with entry time in the log. Later, before the guest wants to leave, he goes to the reception and pays his parking space according to the parking period.

Billing is provided by the receptionist PolluxKassa. The software lists all the indicators, and when clicked it calculates the parking fee. By clicking on the paid button, PolluxKassa sends a share entry for an additional waiting period so that the guest can exit easily.

PolluxKassa can also be used to extend the parking period during the payment, e.g. an hour when the guest wants to go out in an hour and then but no time has to go to the front desk.

PolluxKassa is a useful assistance program for simplified billing of parking spaces, it has no cash register interface.

In addition, of course, permanent tenants or employee vehicles or VIP guests can be registered directly in Pollux permanently or terminally.

Pollux with coin counter Sheratan

Sheratan: Pollux combined with a coin counter

Affordable realization of an automated parking space

  • Two payment modes: advance payment or postpayment
  • Booking in advance via PC software or web console possible

In short words:

  • Drive up
  • Insert coins
  • Barrier open

Guests can access the coin counter at the barrier in front of the barrier. Of one-day duration. On the first attempt at the barrier the number plate is read and the coin counter is unlocked. Once the desired amount has been paid, the barrier opens automatically.

Within the paid period, the barrier for the registered license plate is automatically opened, multiple entries and departures are possible. In addition, on the networked workstation, the license plate can be entered for permanent or limited access to the system, depending on requirements.

Automat in the Pollux system

High-end automatic cash register with Pollux

Realization of an automated parking space with extensive machine functions

  • Two payment modes: advance payment or postpayment
  • Residence extension
  • Changeover
  • Acknowledgment printer
  • Extensive service menu
  • Any location of the machine
  • Booking possible in advance (also at the machine)
  • Identification by simple input of the number plate
  • Emergency opening codes

Simple operation through graphic display

  • Easy handling
  • Backlighted display
  • Bilingual input menu
  • Fault tolerant operator guidance

Overnight guests can use the cash machine to solve their entitlement entitlement for one to several days. Before the guest can enter for the first time, he has to enter his license plate at the cash machine and pay the parking time. After the payment has been made, the barrier is automatically opened as soon as it arrives. The number plate, the release date and the payment time point are indicated on the receipt.

The location of the cash machine is freely selectable, it does not have to stand next to the barrier.

Videoclips for gate opening with Pollux

Pollux Pollux opens at night video

Technical specifications

Pollux is designed for protective low voltage and can handle with a power consumption of approx. 6-8W (depends on connected camera). A suitable power supply is included in the scope of supply. Pollux is designed for in- and outdoor installation and has a robust aluminum housing with integrated mounting rails. The dimensions are 120 x 180 x 32 mm (W x L x H) without connectors. Weight approx. 0.6kg.

If you need more technical information and the manual for the device, please contact us. We are happy to advise you about camera selection and suitable camera positioning.


The device is included in the aluminum housing. On request, we also supply the cameras for your use including the lens, any weather protection housing and mast holder.

The Pollux complete packages contain the recognition device, the camera(s), connecting cable and mounting material. Contact us, we will gladly advise you on your specific application.


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